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Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Asking For a Divorce

Posted in Divorce, Family Law on Saturday, October 8th, 2022

Contemplating a divorce can evoke many emotions for an individual, and they may have questions about whether or not a divorce is right for them. In addition, many individuals are fearful of speaking to their spouses about divorce, as they’re unsure of how they’ll react. Before asking for a divorce, it’s important that a spouse asks themselves important questions in order to determine how they should approach the situation. At Sabuco Beck, P.C., we’re here to help Illinois residents understand the steps that should occur before a divorce begins and how our services can help during this time. 

What Should I Be Aware of Before Asking for a Divorce?

It’s important that an individual is fully prepared before asking for a divorce in order to ensure they don’t make a decision they’ll regret. Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself before asking for a divorce:

1) Am I Ready to End My Marriage?

Deciding that you want a divorce may not be an easy decision for someone. If you’re questioning whether to stay in the marriage or end it, it can be helpful to discuss your feelings with a third party. Talking about the instances that have led you to want a divorce can be beneficial in identifying why you’re contemplating divorce and if it’s something you truly want. Speaking with someone else can also help you prepare what you’d like to say to your spouse if you decide divorce is the best option. 

2) Is There Something Specific That’s Making Me Choose Divorce?

Oftentimes, individuals have a specific reason that they want a divorce, such as their spouse having an affair or consistent fighting with their spouse. Identifying the specific reason you want a divorce can help you create the next steps to resolve the issue. For example, if you’re debating whether to divorce your spouse because they had an affair, writing a list of options can help you view all of your choices. You can choose to go forward with a divorce, try couples therapy, or speak with your spouse about the affair if you haven’t already. After viewing your options, you should choose a decision that’s best for you and discuss it with your spouse. 

3) Am I Financially Ready for Divorce?

During the divorce process, the court will help the couple make financial decisions regarding property distribution, alimony payments, child support calculations, and any other financial aspect that needs to be discussed. However, individuals should be aware of their personal financial obligations during a divorce, including fees for an attorney. Spouses should be aware of the cost of divorce and have a plan in place for their finances if they choose this route.

4) How Can I Explain This to Our Children?

If a couple has children together, an individual should be prepared to discuss the situation with their children. If they are choosing divorce, it’s important to prepare what you’d like to say to both your spouse and your children. By preparing what you’d like to say in advance and having a plan for the care of your children, you can ensure that you’re better prepared to discuss a divorce. 

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