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Driver License Restoration

Driver License Restoration

The loss of your driver’s license can have a major impact on every area of your life. It may make it difficult or even impossible to get to work or school, while preventing you from running errands or completing tasks your loved ones depend on you for. At Sabuco Beck, P.C., our Will County driver’s license restoration attorneys provide the aggressive legal representation you need to help prevent this situation and to get your license reinstated once a suspension occurs.

Reasons Your Driver’s License May Be Suspended In Illinois

Driver’s license suspensions are handled through the Illinois Secretary of State (ILSOS). There are multiple reasons why the state may move to suspend your driving privileges, most of which have nothing to do with your actual abilities as a driver. These include:

  • Charges of Driving Under the Influence: According to the 2017 Illinois DUI Fact Book, as many as 30,000 Illinois drivers are arrested for driving under the influence. You may face driver’s license suspension for a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 or greater, or for refusing to take a breathalyzer test.
  • Failure to Pay Traffic Violations: If you receive a ticket for even a minor violation, failure to pay the associated fine could result in license suspension.  
  • Failure to Appear in Court: You may face suspension if you fail to appear at a scheduled court date resulting from a DUI or other type of traffic violation, either here or in another state.
  • Failure To Maintain Insurance: Illinois requires all drivers to maintain a minimum level of automobile insurance coverage, and your driver’s license may be suspended for non-compliance.
  • Juvenile Violations: Those under 18 who are subject to graduated driver’s licensing (GDL) may have their regular license suspended for DUI or other motor vehicle infractions.
  • Failure to Pay Court Ordered Child Support: Driver’s license revocation may be used as a penalty against those who fail to make child support payments as ordered by the court.

How Our Illinois Driver’s License Restoration Attorneys Can Assist You

Once your driver’s license has been suspended, driving without one could result in your immediate arrest. At Sabuco Beck, P.C., we can assist you in getting your license restored through the following:

  • Providing an aggressive legal defense against your original charges;
  • Appearing in court and negotiating with the prosecuting attorney on your behalf;
  • Assisting you in obtaining a provisional or ‘hardship’ license;
  • Guiding you through the reinstatement process, helping you submit the appropriate documents and required fees.

If you are facing license suspension or have had your driving privileges revoked, call or contact our Will County attorneys online to request a consultation at our Joliet, Minooka, or Morris office today.  

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