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  • How to Find Hidden Assets in Divorce

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    A divorce can be an expensive and time-consuming process, and a major part of this process is the equitable distribution of your marital assets. While this aspect of divorce is difficult enough as it is, it can become even more challenging if your spouse may have hidden assets from you to gain an unfair advantage.  Many people don't realize that there are many assets that they may not be aware of when it comes to a divorce. These hidden assets...

  • Common Issues Related to Dividing Business Assets in Divorce

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    You recognize that divorce is difficult. There are the emotional hurdles – in addition to financial hurdles (not to mention matters related to your children if there are minor children involved). This is true for all divorces, but if your divorce involves a business, you can expect it to be that much more challenging, and you need the professional legal counsel of a dedicated Joliet divorce attorney with extensive experience in this complex aspect of property division on your side. ...

  • Can I Deny a Grandparent Visitation with my Children?

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    In the State of Illinois, as long as a child’s parents are fit parents – which all parents are presumed to be unless proven otherwise – it is completely within their parents’ discretion to determine whether or not the child can spend time with his or her grandparents (or with anyone else). While a grandparent has the right to petition the court for visitation with his or her grandchildren, there is a considerable legal burden involved. If you have concerns...

  • Homicide Charges in Illinois

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    Most people recognize that homicide is the most serious category of criminal offenses, as these offenses involve the loss of human life. However, homicide charges are more than what most people consider to be “murder,” and navigating a homicide case can be a complicated matter. If you are facing any type of homicide charge in Illinois, it is absolutely critical that you have the right defense assistance. Speak with an Illinois homicide defense attorney as soon as you possibly can. ...

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