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Category: Family Law

  • Is My Spouse Entitled to Partial Ownership of My Business?

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    There is nothing simple about divorce. The high stakes and the revved-up emotions help to ensure that this is true. However, few things complicate the division of your marital assets (an already-complicated divorce term) like business ownership does. If you own a business and are facing a divorce, don’t delay discussing your concerns with a dedicated Joliet divorce attorney who has considerable experience successfully handling these challenging cases.  Illinois: An Equitable Distribution State In Illinois, any assets or properties that...

  • Common Issues Related to Dividing Business Assets in Divorce

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    You recognize that divorce is difficult. There are the emotional hurdles – in addition to financial hurdles (not to mention matters related to your children if there are minor children involved). This is true for all divorces, but if your divorce involves a business, you can expect it to be that much more challenging, and you need the professional legal counsel of a dedicated Joliet divorce attorney with extensive experience in this complex aspect of property division on your side. ...

  • Social Media and Divorce

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    More and more, we turn to social media to share our joys – and our sorrows. Divorce generally isn’t an exception to this rule. While social media can be a balm for difficult times, there are considerations to keep in mind when you’re going through a divorce. Before posting everything that pops into your mind during the course of your divorce, think carefully about what the implications might be. Divorce is a complicated legal concern, and because your divorce terms...

  • If I Cannot Locate my Spouse, Can I File for Divorce?

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    Divorce is plenty difficult enough without the added complication of not being able to locate your spouse. If you can’t even find your spouse in order to serve him or her, it leaves you in the lurch. The fact is, however, that you can file for divorce even if your spouse is nowhere to be found, and an Illinois divorce attorney can help you do just that.  Giving Legal Notice In every divorce case, the spouse who files for divorce...

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