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Category: Divorce

  • Divorcing after a Long Marriage

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    Divorce is never an easy matter, but divorcing after a long marriage has its own unique complications that tend to focus on finances. While you’ve probably already raised your children, dividing your finances and starting over after commingling your lives for many years can be as complicated as it is stressful. A dedicated Joliet divorce attorney will skillfully advocate for divorce terms that support your rights and your future.  The Division of Your Marital Property A marriage of many years...

  • Do You Need to Modify a Child Support Order?

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    In the State of Illinois, your child support order, as entered by the court, can be modified if the reason for the modification is a substantial change in circumstances, if your child has experienced a substantial change in his or her healthcare needs, or if your child support amount deviates substantially from the state’s child support guidelines. The most common basis, however, is a substantial change in circumstances from the time the order was issued.  If your financial situation –...

  • Gathering Information to Prepare for Divorce

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    Are you considering a divorce from your spouse? Or perhaps you are in the early stages of the divorce process? Before divorce proceedings begin, your attorney will need some important documents from you regarding your financial picture. These documents are an integral part of the process because, as the saying goes, dry ink doesn’t lie. Your spouse may claim one thing in court, but clear and factual documents may prove otherwise.  Here is a list of five document categories and...

  • Common Factors that Lead to Divorce

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    For most people, a divorce is one of the most stressful and emotionally painful experiences they will ever go through. Many reasons exist for couples who decide to part ways. Even though each relationship is unique, there are common factors amongst couples that are the basis for their split. In fact, research reveals that there are five common elements of tension that lead a couple to seek a divorce. No matter why you or your spouse have decided to end...

  • Possible Child Custody Issues During Stay-at-Home Orders

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    Although much of the state is shut down due to COVID-19 concerns, some parts of your life continue on as if nothing has changed. Unfortunately, family and divorce issues do not halt during times of national crisis. In fact, in some circumstances like this one, they can become worse. A stay-at-home order was enacted on March 21st by Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker, giving rise to many questions for parents who are sharing custody of their children. If you have questions...

  • Will You Have to Pay Alimony?

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    It is a myth that alimony is an aspect of divorce that is all but obsolete. Although it’s more recently referred to as spousal support or spousal maintenance, the paying and receiving of alimony are alive and well amongst divorced couples today.  It is just one aspect of the divorce that splitting couples will need to negotiate or have a family court judge decide for them.   Under Illinois law, spousal maintenance is allowed, and the term alimony is not used....

  • Factors that Might Complicate Your Divorce Case

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    Even the simplest of divorces can be stressful and take time. If you are going through a divorce that involves factors that might complicate your divorce case, the stress and duration can increase significantly. You may not be able to change these factors such as children, high assets, or abuse, but you can hire an Illinois divorce attorney who is experienced and supportive of you and your family. Knowing what elements can complicate the dissolution of your marriage and how...

  • Who Stays in the Family Home after a Divorce?

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    As about half of all people who have been married can tell you, divorce brings with it many uncertainties and questions. One of these common questions is who stays in the family home after a divorce? As a seasoned Will County family lawyer will tell you, there are no cut and dry answers to this question - no one-size-fits-all solution to divorce. Each family and divorce situation is unique. It is best to discuss this question with your divorce attorney...

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