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Category: Divorce

  • Who Stays in the Family Home after a Divorce?

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    As about half of all people who have been married can tell you, divorce brings with it many uncertainties and questions. One of these common questions is who stays in the family home after a divorce? As a seasoned Will County family lawyer will tell you, there are no cut and dry answers to this question - no one-size-fits-all solution to divorce. Each family and divorce situation is unique. It is best to discuss this question with your divorce attorney...

  • What is Parental Alienation?

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    Divorce involving children is stressful and can lead otherwise reasonable people to engage in extremely unreasonable behavior. When this behavior, however, extends to the children and their relationship with their other parent, such behavior is unacceptable. Parental alienation refers to one parent’s psychological manipulation of the children in an effort to generate ill will toward the other parent and to diminish the bond between that parent and the children. The results are often devastating for both the alienated parent and...

  • Divorce After a Long Marriage

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    Every divorce comes with its own complications, but divorce after a marriage of many years is typically that much more complicated. The first concern in every divorce involving children is always the children’s ongoing well-being. If you’re divorcing after a long marriage (often called gray divorce), however, your children are likely living their own separate lives. While this doesn’t mean your divorce won’t affect your children, it does mean that your main focus should be on your own financial future....

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