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Divorce for Business Owners

Illinois Divorce Attorney Representing Business Owners In The Will County Area

Even in otherwise amicable divorce proceedings, dividing marital property can get complicated. This is particularly true when either one or both spouses are business owners. At Sabuco, Beck, Hansen, Massino & Pollack, P.C. we understand how hard you worked to establish your business. Our Will County divorce attorneys provide the aggressive legal representation you need to protect your interest in it, and are dedicated to helping you maintain and preserve your total assets in divorce proceedings.

Professional Representation For Business Owners By Our Will County Divorce Attorney  

While being an independent business owner is something people often aspire to, many fail to appreciate the hard work that goes into making any business profitable. You deserve to reap the benefits of your hard work and investment, rather than seeing it divided as the result of a divorce order.

At Sabuco, Beck, Hansen, Massino & Pollack, P.C., we provide the professional legal representation you need during this time. Our Will County divorce attorneys have over 125 years in applying the Illinois Compiled Statutes in individual cases, and can help ensure your rights as a business owner are protected. Marital property in Illinois divorce cases is subject to equitable distribution, meaning that your spouse may be entitled to a share of your business based on a variety of factors, including the following:   

  • The length of time you have been married;
  • Both spouse’s current income and their future earning potential;
  • Any contributions your spouse made in increasing your business;
  • Any career or educational sacrifices that made in support of your marriage.

Marital property is anything acquired after the date you were married up until your divorce was filed. When it comes to businesses, even if you started it prior to your marriage it may be included when calculating a settlement based on your spouse’s contributions.

Let Us Negotiate A Settlement That Works In Your Favor

While some property division proceedings require a judge to handle the matter, others are able to be resolved between the parties themselves. At Sabuco, Beck, Hansen, Massino & Pollack, P.C., our Will County divorce attorneys are highly skilled and effective negotiators. We can assist you in obtaining a divorce settlement concerning inventory, profits, and ownership rights, eliminating the need to go to court and to risk losses that could put you out of business.

Our Will County Divorce Attorney Offers the Experience You Need

When it comes to your professional life and financial future, do not take chances in what a judge may decide in your case. At Sabuco, Beck, Hansen, Massino & Pollack, P.C. we leave nothing to chance, providing the kind of fierce, effective legal representation you need to protect your interests. Call or contact our Illinois divorce attorneys online today and request a consultation at one of our three locations in Will County to discuss your options.