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Category: Wills and Trusts

  • Providing for Others in Estate Planning

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    Few of us want to contemplate what will happen when we are no longer there to provide for those we care about. Having a will and estate plan in place can help to alleviate these concerns, but it does require you to be proactive. Aside from simply leaving money to beneficiaries, you may want to allocate certain funds for those people and places that have special needs or play a cherished role in your life. The following are options to...

  • End of Year Estate Planning Tips

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    It is easy to become overly preoccupied with the holidays during the month of December and to overlook the fact that there are some important deadlines approaching. Before 2018 gives way to the new year, take the time now to address some important estate planning tasks, which can benefit you and your loved ones both now and in the years to come. Four Estate Planning Tasks to Complete Before the End of the Year Estate planning involves protecting your loved...

  • Do Not Overlook these Four Things when Writing Your Will

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    Regardless of your health, age, or income level, having a valid last will and testament is important. As one of the most basic yet often overlooked types of estate planning documents, it details any property, assets, or debts you possess, dictates your final wishes to family members and friends, and helps to avoid potentially costly and contentious probate proceedings. Whether you are taking the first steps in creating a will or making updates to an existing document, the following are...

  • Do You Have a Living Will in Place?

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    Many people think wills and other estate planning documents are only for older adults, people with life threatening conditions, or those with considerable assets. Unfortunately, the fact is that accidental injuries and sudden illnesses can happen at any age, and without the proper paperwork in place, your loved ones are forced to assume the burden of having to guess what you might have wanted. Living wills are a type of advance directive that can help alleviate this burden, and are something that...

  • Four Estate Planning Tasks To Do Today

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    For many people, the thought of talking about wills and estate planning is something they would rather put off. While confronting your own mortality may seem grim, it can provide you the assurance of knowing the people you care about are provided for in the event anything happens to you. Regardless of your earnings, the amount in your bank account, or whether you own property, the following are four estate planning tasks everyone should complete, and the sooner you do...

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