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  • Did an Illinois Police Officer Violate Your Rights?

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    Being stopped by a police officer, or having to interact with one, can be a stressful experience as it is. However, it can become even more arduous to deal with when a police officer acts in a manner that violates your constitutional rights.  Police officers regularly subvert suspected criminals’ constitutional rights in subtle and devious ways. Often, they do so without the alleged criminal suspect being aware whatsoever that their rights are being violated. These instances happen far too frequently...

  • What Are the Penalties for Drug Charges?

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    Despite calls for drug crime reform and the legalization of personal possession of marijuana in Illinois, the drug laws that remain on the books continue to be harsh. If you are arrested for drug possession in Illinois, it is critical that you seek help from the right drug crime defense attorney who can help minimize your penalties and effects on your future.  Drug Use and Possession Penalties in Illinois: Marijuana Even though marijuana possession for personal recreational use is legal...

  • How Will a DUI Affect Me Now and for the Future?

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    If you have been charged with a DUI, you are no doubt concerned and confused about what comes next. The fact is that a DUI conviction can have lasting effects on your future that you may not have even considered. If you find yourself in the challenging position of being charged with a DUI, don’t wait to reach out to an experienced Joliet DUI attorney today.  The DUI Charge In Illinois, the charge of driving under the influence (DUI) applies...

  • The Four Forms of Spousal Maintenance in Illinois

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    Spousal maintenance is reserved for specific divorce situations, and many divorces bypass the issue entirely. When appropriate, however, spousal maintenance can play an important role in the divorce settlement process. Spousal maintenance is a complicated legal matter, to begin with, and the fact that there are four separate varieties can make things that much more challenging. If you have questions or concerns related to spousal maintenance, reach out to an experienced Joliet spousal maintenance attorney today.   Spousal Maintenance What you...

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