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Family Law Attorney Morris

Divorce is an emotionally charged process that several legal issues can further complicate. At our firm, we understand the importance of resolving such problems satisfactorily. Our reputation and experience allow us to provide you with the best possible representation during and after the divorce process.

If your case involves complex issues such as family businesses, real estate, asset division, or tax issues, we have the knowledge and skill to ensure that your interests are protected.

How can a family law attorney in Morris help during your divorce or separation?

Our Morris family law attorneys are qualified to assist Illinois families with the following areas of family law:

  • Child Custody – In recent years, courts have shifted the way the courts view child custody. Rather than awarding sole custody to one parent, the courts are now more likely to award joint custody or shared parenting, which allows both parents to play an active role in their children’s lives. Joint custody arrangements are made in the best interests of the child. In most situations, children need the love and support of both parents.
  • Child Support – The court will consider various factors when determining child support, including the parents’ incomes, the number of children involved, any other financial obligations each parent has, and the custody arrangement. One or both parents may have significant assets that should also be factored into the equation. The court will also consider any special needs of the children that require additional financial support. Speaking to an experienced family law attorney can significantly improve your end goal for child support. 
  • Men’s Rights – We are proud to provide representation to both men and women going through a divorce. Traditional roles of men and women have changed, and we are committed to fighting for the rights of all our clients. If you are facing a divorce, child custody battle, or any other issue related to family law, please do not hesitate to contact our office for a free consultation.
  • Visitation – Parents going through a divorce often face complex challenges regarding child custody and visitation rights. In Illinois, state laws concerning custody and visitation have changed recently. However, the courts still consider the children’s welfare and best interests to be paramount. When negotiating a custody or visitation schedule, both parents should be aware of their rights and the factors the court will consider in making a decision. 
  • Parental Alienation – Parental alienation can significantly and negatively impact a parent-child relationship, leaving a parental gap in a child’s life where there should not be one. During an emotionally fueled divorce, one parent may feel alienated by another. While not uncommon, alienation is profoundly detrimental. If you have felt alienated in a divorce, talk to a lawyer sooner rather than later. We can help. 

We also provide our clients with services regarding divorce proceedings, including:

  • General Divorce Roadmap
  • Dissolution of a Long-Term Marriage
  • High Asset Divorce 
  • Legal Separation
  • Property and Asset Division
  • Spousal Support
  • Divorce Between Business Owners

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