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Crest Hill Auto Accident Lawyers

Auto accidents can be devastating, and can leave a serious mark on one’s life. Not only can auto accident injuries be debilitating and life-altering, but the financial repercussions of a car accident often leave countless victims up at night wondering how they are going to manage to pay for their medical expenses, pay for basic necessities, and still provide a safe place to rest their head at night. If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident recently, and if you are worried about how you are going to make ends meet while you are out of work recovering, consult with a Crest Hill, IL auto accident lawyer.

At Sabuco Beck, P.C., our auto accident attorneys understand the stress you are under, and aim to eliminate the stress and worry entirely by providing legal assistance when you need it the most. Recovering compensation for damages sustained in a car accident should not be difficult, but unfortunately, the insurance companies make it so. Out Crest Hill auto accident attorneys advocate on your behalf to ensure you receive just compensation for any injuries and losses you gained in the car accident; all you have to do is focus on getting better.

Why Work with an Experienced Crest Hill, IL Car Accident Attorney

Filing a car accident insurance claim is not as simple as letting your insurance company know that you were in an accident. In most states – Illinois included – an insurance company will want to know what caused the accident, who caused the accident, and what damages resulted from the accident. Furthermore, because Illinois is a fault insurance state, the victim of a car accident will need to provide proof of the other driver’s liability in order to recover any compensation for damages claimed.

Proving liability is often the most difficult aspect of any car accident insurance claim case, especially if there were no witnesses to testify on the victim’s behalf. If you were involved in a car accident in Crest Hill, IL, and if the other driver was at fault, here are a few good reasons you should consider hiring a Crest Hill auto accident attorney to help you with your insurance claim:

  • We can act as your representative and deal with the insurance company directly on your behalf, that way you do not have to deal with the numerous phone calls from their representatives, lawyers, and insurance adjusters;
  • We can connect you with doctors, surgeons, and other health professionals who specialize in car accident injuries;
  • We can manage all medical records and bills related to your accident injuries, and ensure that you are reimbursed for any medical expenses you pay out-of-pocket;
  • We can assess just how much the accident impacted your life, and put together an Impact Statement for the judge that adequately portrays the losses you have suffered;
  • We can put together a thorough and complete Demand Package, which may include medical bills, medical records, lost wage statements, a crash report, and the aforementioned Impact Statement;
  • We can correspond with the insurance company on your behalf and ensure that they receive the Demand Package, and that they are willing to compensate you for your troubles; and
  • We can negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf, if the insurance company is not satisfied with your original terms.

Furthermore, our Crest Hill auto accident attorneys can file an appeal if the insurance company if tries to deny you your claim altogether. We can also bring a lawsuit against the company if they continue to make it impossible for you to receive the compensation you need and deserve after your auto accident.

Contact an Experienced Crest Hill, IL Auto Accident Lawyer

At Sabuco Beck, P.C., our auto accident attorneys do not recommend filing an auto accident claim without a legal representative on your side. Insurance claims can be complicated, and the insurance agency’s representatives ruthless; to ensure that you are successful in your claim, retain legal help as soon as possible after your accident. To schedule a consultation with a Crest Hill auto accident lawyer, contact our office today at (815) 730-8860.

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