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Will County Divorce Lawyer

Will County Divorce Lawyer

Assisting Citizens of Will County with their Divorces and Related Family Law Issues and Disputes

Divorce and related family law issues can be extremely complicated and stressful – especially in cases where one or both of the spouses are contesting certain issues. Divorce matters can also be complicated when minor children are involved. In those instances, the spouses (preferably) or the court will be called upon to resolve any child-related disputes, including disputes involving child support, child custody, and visitation. 

If you are contemplating a divorce or are in the midst of divorce proceedings, the experienced Will County divorce lawyers at Sabuco Beck, P.C., may be able to help. We can work with you and your spouse’s lawyer to try and resolve any pending disputes and help you obtain your divorce as efficiently as possible. Please contact us directly to learn more about how we can help you pursue a resolution of your family law matter.

The Residency Requirement in Divorce Cases

If you are contemplating filing for divorce in the State of Illinois, there are certain prerequisites that one or both of the parties have to satisfy. First of all, Illinois imposes a residency requirement in divorce cases. To be eligible to even file for divorce, either you or your spouse must have resided in the State for a period of at least 90 days before filing your divorce lawsuit. In addition to the residency requirement, the divorcing spouses must state specific legal grounds in order to obtain a divorce decree in Illinois.

Grounds for Divorce in Illinois

Illinois used to allow spouses to file for divorce based on fault, which included marital misconduct such as adultery. However, in recent years, Illinois switched to a true no-fault state, which means that you may only file for divorce based on irreconcilable differences. This saves you the burden of proving misconduct as a requisite for divorce. 

Common Issues in Divorce

While you might not have to prove fault-based grounds for divorce in Illinois, the law does require you to resolve several issues before your case can be finalized. These include:

  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Spousal support 
  • Property, asset, and debt division

Resolving these issues is often the bulk of a divorce case, especially if you and your spouse cannot agree right away. If there is no agreement from the start, your attorney will work with you to negotiate with your spouse or represent you as you engage in mediation, if you so choose. If you still cannot reach a resolution of all relevant issues, you might have to go to trial for the judge to decide the outcome for you. 

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If you are in the process of filing for divorce, the experienced family law attorneys at Sabuco Beck, P.C., could assist you with your case. To schedule a free case evaluation and legal consultation with a Will County divorce attorney, please contact us to learn more about how we could help. 

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