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Child Custody Attorney Joliet

Child Custody Attorney Joliet

If you are looking for a child custody attorney in Joliet, we know this must be a challenging time for your family. Sabuco Beck, PC, makes every effort to keep stress down for our clients during a divorce, especially with children. We’ve put together some helpful information regarding child-related matters in Will County, Illinois.

New Illinois Child Custody Legislation

Much like the term alimony was replaced with “spousal maintenance,” the State of Illinois now refers to child custody as “allocation of parental responsibilities.” This change was made in 2016 via the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.  

Some Benefits of Hiring a Joliet Child Custody Lawyer

Many couples who both have child custody lawyers in their divorces are likely to arrive at a mutually agreed-upon custody plan. You must go in front of the judge if you and your spouse do not agree on how to handle custody. This will add a great deal of time, cost, and unnecessary hassle that is not favorable for your kids. Additionally, most divorcing couples who both have legal representation can ultimately agree to joint parenting arrangements. A knowledgeable attorney can, in that sense, help you save money on battling it out with your ex in court.

How Is Custody Determined If You Are Unable to Settle?

What’s best for your children will always be favored by the court. Different factors are considered by family judges in Illinois: 

  • What will be least disruptive to your children’s routines
  • A history of addiction, alcoholism, incarceration/probation, or abuse on the part of either parent
  • Reports from social workers, counselors, and similar related parties
  • The connection, involvement, and closeness between each spouse and the children (as well as the relationship between siblings)
  • Parental work schedules, health, well-being, stability, finances, and demonstrated ability to be nurturing, provide proper nutrition, education-forward, hygiene, and a clean, safe home
  • What one parent says about the other parent in front of the children
  • The extended family or other support systems of each parent (those who will be in touch with your children)
  • Any special needs of the children (on-going medical needs, for example)

Can Your Children Decide With Whom They Want to Live?

In Illinois, a judge won’t give much weight to a child’s preference as to which parent they prefer to live with until they reach the age of 14. Technically, Illinois does not ever solely respect a child’s preference in custody cases, even if she or he is 17. Also, in Illinois, minors do not have an option to “refuse” scheduled visitations with the non-custodial parent. 

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Do you need professional help with child custody or allocation of parental responsibilities? Let us see how we can assist you and your spouse reach an agreement. “We received the BEST service imaginable,” wrote the Wink family in one of Sabuco Beck, PC’s recent online reviews. Contact us using our contact form to book a free legal consultation.

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