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Channahon Divorce Attorney

Channahon Divorce Attorney

No two divorces are ever exactly alike, but every divorce is uniquely complicated. If you are facing a divorce, you are preparing to go through some serious changes that will significantly affect your future. Don’t leave your child custody arrangements and your financial future to chance; work closely with an experienced Channahon divorce attorney to help protect you and your children’s rights throughout the divorce process and beyond. 

Divorce Basics

While it’s true that no two divorces proceed in exactly the same manner, there are four basic components that apply to nearly every divorce. These include:

  • Child Custody Arrangements – In any divorce that involves children, child custody arrangements can be the primary concern. In the vast majority of cases, both parents will remain legal guardians of their shared children. This means that you will both share the important rights and responsibilities to make decisions on behalf of your children that are related to their health care, their education, their religious upbringing, and their extracurricular activities. Further, while both parents also generally share physical custody, one parent can be deemed the primary custodial parent, which means the parent with whom the children live the majority of the time. The other parent will have a visitation schedule with the children. The court always lets the children’s best interests guide its custody decisions, but courts tend to prefer upholding the status quo. This means that if you and your children are living in your family home, the court may be inclined to maintain that living arrangement.
  • Child Support – The parent with the visitation schedule might have to pay the primary custodial parent child support in order to contribute to the cost of raising the children. The law sets out a formula to calculate the amount of child support.
  • The Division of Marital Property – The division of marital property relates to how the property that you and your spouse obtained during the course of your marriage will be divided upon your divorce. In Illinois, property is divided in a manner that is considered equitable and fair rather than 50/50. There are many factors that can affect how your property will be divided, such as your relative standings in life, your relative abilities to support yourselves financially, your levels of education, your personal contributions to the marriage, and more.
  • Spousal Support – Spousal support is commonly called alimony, and it refers to payments made by one spouse to the other to help minimize any income disparity between the two. Spousal support can be paid during the course of the divorce and/or post-divorce, but it rarely goes on indefinitely. Further, spousal support is by no means a given. The purpose of spousal support is to help ensure that both spouses are able to retain their standard of living. 

An Experienced Channahon Divorce Attorney Can Help You with Your Divorce Concerns

Divorce is nothing if not a difficult transition, but the dedicated divorce attorneys at Sabuco Beck in Channahon are here to help. Our dedicated legal team is committed to helping you obtain an outcome that works well for you and your children. We’re on your side, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information today.

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