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Protect Yourself Against Winter Slips and Falls

Posted in Personal Injury on Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

Winter weather has already made its mark in Illinois, with more rain, snow, and ice storms expected in the months ahead. On sidewalks as well as in stores, restaurants, and office buildings, these types of conditions mean an increased risk for slip and fall accidents.

While often a source of embarrassment for victims, slips and falls are no laughing matter. Unfortunately, even a minor slip or fall accident could end up resulting in serious personal injuries. To protect yourself over the winter season, we have some tips on how to prevent these accidents and what to do if a fall occurs.

Reducing Your Slip and Fall Accident Risk

Slips and falls are one of the most common types of accidental injuries. According to statistics from the National Floor Safety Institute, they result in more than eight million hospital emergency room visits each year. Common ways they occur include:

  • Snow and ice that accumulates in parking lots and on walkways;
  • Sidewalks that become chipped or uneven due to rock salt and snow removal efforts;
  • Puddles near store or office building entrances and exits;
  • Spills and wet patches tracked into public places which are not cleaned up.

To reduce your slip and fall risks this winter, wear the appropriate shoes when outdoors or when running errands. Choose boots and other footwear with non-slip heels, bringing more fashionable heels or dress shoes to change into when you reach your destination. Take your time walking, keep an eye out for wet or icy spots, and use handrails when provided.

What to do if a Slip and Fall Occurs

Under the Illinois Premises Liability Act, property owners and managers can be held liable when slip and fall accidents occur. They may be responsible for damages you suffer if they fail to correct dangerous conditions or to alert you that they exist. If you suffer a slip and fall, protect your rights to compensation by following these steps:

  • Report the accident immediately, so an injury report can be filed;
  • Make note of any witnesses at the scene;
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible;
  • Follow all of your doctor’s instructions regarding activity restrictions and follow up care.

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At Sabuco, Beck, Hansen & Massino, P.C. we help victims of slips and falls get the compensation they need to recover from their injuries. To see how we can assist you, contact our Will County slip and fall accident attorneys today and request a consultation.

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