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Homeowners Associations

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Homeowners associations (HOA) provide services for condominium and planned property owners, while maintaining community standards and protecting property values. Whether you are considering an HOA or have concerns about existing operations, Sabuco Beck, P.C. provides the professional legal guidance you need. Our Will County HOA attorneys have over 125 years worth of experience in protecting the rights and interests of property owners in our area, and can advise you on the strategies that can help make your HOA a success.

Establishing an HOA in Illinois

The establishment and operation of homeowners associations in Illinois are governed by state laws. The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) advises that the specific statutes and ordinances you are required to follow depend on whether the property is located and whether it is considered a condominium, or housing in a planned development.

In either case, Sabuco Beck, P.C., can guide you in the steps needed to form your HOA, which generally include the following:

  • Establishing the business structure your HOA will operate under;
  • Choosing covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) for your HOA;
  • Establishing fees, bylaws, and procedures for HOA meetings;
  • Electing officers and board members qualified to oversee operations of your HOA;
  • Guiding officials in their duties under the Illinois Compiled Statutes.

As experienced Will County HOA attorneys, we can guide you through each step, creating the legal documents needed and advising you on recommended actions to ensure the needs of your community are met.

Guidance on Illinois HOA Issues

In addition to helping to establish your HOA, our Will County attorneys are skilled in handling and negotiating disputes. Common issues that can arise in these cases include:

  • Enforcement of the covenants and rules guiding your HOA;
  • Disputes over election of board officials or meeting procedures;
  • Billing and contract issues with maintenance, landscapers, and contractors hired by the community;
  • Collection on outstanding HOA dues owed by members;
  • Legal actions to resolve disputes, which may include property liens;
  • Defending the HOA and its officers against potential lawsuits.

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To protect the rights of property owners and to ensure your HOA is in compliance with state and local laws, reach out and contact our Will County HOA attorneys.  At Sabuco Beck, P.C. we have the legal knowledge and expertise to help you avoid and resolve potential issues that commonly arise in these situations. Call or contact our office and request a consultation today.




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