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More RVs on the Road Means More RV Accidents

Posted in Injury, Personal Injury on Tuesday, November 17th, 2020

COVID-19 has left many families looking for new ways to get out and travel a bit without having to board a plane or rent a hotel room, and some have landed on RVs. With RV purchases and rentals up, the chance of RV accidents happening also increases. Because of the increased size and weight of these recreational vehicles, any accidents involving them tend to be quite serious. If someone else’s negligence causes you to be injured in an RV accident, don’t wait to consult with an experienced Joliet personal injury attorney.

RVs Present Increased Obstacles to Driving Safely

Motorists who purchase or rent RVs need no special licensure, training, or experience to do so, but these large, heavy vehicles do require more careful handling. Some factors that contribute to the increased danger involved include:

  • Blind Spots – All vehicles have blind spots, which makes seeing other vehicles driving in these blind spots more difficult to see.  RVs have much larger blind spots along all four sides, and if the motorist behind the wheel of an RV isn’t carefully attuned to these danger zones, serious accidents can be the result. 
  • Stopping Distances – RVs are much heavier than most other vehicles on the road, and this causes them to need more roadway to come to safe stops. As such, motorists who drive RVs must allow more room between themselves and forward traffic and must pay careful attention to changes in traffic. Not to do so can lead to life-threatening accidents. Maintaining safely operating brakes is also critical. 
  • Wide Turns – Because of their increased length, RVs make much wider turns, and their drivers need to employ additional precautions behind the wheel. When an RV driver doesn’t take the physicality of the vehicle into careful consideration, it can cause dangerous accidents. 
  • Rollover Risk – RVs have higher centers-of-gravity than do the passenger vehicles we drive, which leaves them at greater risk of being involved in terrifying and often-deadly rollover accidents. When the weight within an RV isn’t evenly distributed and secured, it can exacerbate the danger further. High winds, excess speed, and/or driver distraction can all contribute to RV rollovers, and when an RV rolls over on the road, it puts everyone on that road at an increased risk of being injured. 

While motorists aren’t required to have a special license to drive an RV, they are required to drive safely (in relation to the driving conditions at hand), and this includes factoring in all additional dangers (like those listed) and safely accommodating for them. 

It’s Time to Consult with an Experienced Joliet Personal Injury Attorney

If the motorist behind the wheel of an RV leaves you injured in an RV accident, the dedicated personal injury attorneys at Sabuco, Beck, Hansen & Massino in Joliet are committed to helping you heal by compiling your strongest case in pursuit of compensation that covers your complete damages. Your case matters, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information today.

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