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Falls on Construction Sites

Posted in Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

If you work in construction, you’re probably well-aware that it’s one of the most dangerous occupations out there. Falls are some of the most dangerous – and most common – accidents that occur on construction sites. In fact, such a fall can be permanently debilitating or worse. If you’ve been injured by a fall on the job, an experienced Joliet workers’ compensation attorney can help. 

Falls Happen

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) relays just how statistically significant falls on construction sites are, including the following:

  • In 2018, 5,250 workers died on the job, and of these deaths, 1,008 were construction workers (19 percent).
  • Of those 1,008 construction-worker deaths, 338 were caused by falls (33.5 percent).
  • Lack of adequate fall-protection on construction sites is the top safety breach on OSHA’s Top 10 for frequently cited safety standard violations. 

Serious falls on construction sites are common, and they are often deadly.

Your Damages

If you’ve fallen on the job as a construction worker, you can face considerable damages that need to be adequately addressed in order for you to regain your health and strength as completely as possible. Consider the following:

  • Medical Costs – Your medical expenses can range from emergency services, hospital stays, surgery and aftercare, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and beyond.
  • Lost Wages – Construction work is hard, physical labor, and even a relatively minor injury can set you back considerably. If your injury is serious, it can leave you out of work for an extended period of time and could decrease your earning potential into the future. 

Settling for less than your total damages can leave you at a distinct financial and physical disadvantage. 

The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Provider

If you’ve been injured on the job, you’re going to be dealing with your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider. While this company is paid to cover your injuries, this does not mean that obtaining compensation that covers your damages in their entirety is going to be easy. Insurance companies are adept at twisting facts to their advantage, and diminishing settlement offers via any means available to them, but your experienced workers’ compensation attorney is just as skilled at thwarting their questionable efforts. When it comes to the workers’ compensation insurance provider, be on the lookout for all of the following:

  • Making a speedy settlement offer (while it may feel like a relief, it’s unlikely to cover the full range of your damages)
  • Refusing to approve your authorized treating physician’s referral to a specialist or another physician
  • Stalling monetary benefits in an attempt to exhaust you and cause you to quit fighting for the benefits to which you’re entitled

Unfortunately, the list goes on and on, and these tactics can hurt injured workers financially.

Don’t Delay Consulting with an Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney

The resourceful workers’ compensation attorneys at Sabuco, Beck, Hansen & Massino in Joliet understand the hardship associated with being injured on the job and have the requisite skills, experience, and resources to help. We’re here for you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information today.

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