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Factors that Might Complicate Your Divorce Case

Posted in Divorce, Family Law, Visitation on Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

Even the simplest of divorces can be stressful and take time. If you are going through a divorce that involves factors that might complicate your divorce case, the stress and duration can increase significantly. You may not be able to change these factors such as children, high assets, or abuse, but you can hire an Illinois divorce attorney who is experienced and supportive of you and your family. Knowing what elements can complicate the dissolution of your marriage and how to mitigate any problems can make your divorce less overwhelming.

Factors That Might Complicate Your Divorce Case in Illinois

If one party does not want a divorce, you can expect the process to be more complicated. That spouse may intentionally try to make the process harder, more expensive, and more drawn out in hopes that the other spouse will change their mind.

When one or both spouses have a history of drug addiction, alcoholism, or domestic abuse, a divorce will likely be intricate. These factors can complicate custody issues and child. support

Additionally, the process of divorce must typically resolve any of the following applicable issues and questions:

  • Child custody and visitation – Who will the kids spend the majority of their time with? Will both parents get 50/50 custody? Will the non-custodial parent be allowed visitation, and if so, how much visitation time and when?
  • Child support – Will either spouse pay child support? How much should they pay in child support and for how long?
  • Spousal support/maintenance or alimony – Will either spouse request or owe the other alimony? How much will the alimony be, and for how long will it be paid?
  • Division of assets and debts – What is the value of the assets and debts belonging to the marriage? Are there hidden assets? Who is responsible for the debts? 

When spouses cannot agree on one or any of these issues or even attempt to negotiate a resolution that might be acceptable to both parties, the divorce will take longer and likely become more complex. The conditions of the divorce are more likely to be litigated instead of amicably mediated. 

Handling Your Complex Divorce

More often than not, a complex divorce situation requires the skill and expertise of a compassionate divorce attorney in Illinois. You need legal counsel that has dealt with dozens or even hundreds of complex marriage dissolutions. You should trust your attorney’s advice and remain calm even when it is difficult to do so. If you have children, do not involve your children in your divorce. Avoid trying to hide assets or turning your kids away from your spouse. 

Need Help with a Complex Divorce Case? Reach Out to a Compassionate Illinois Divorce Attorney Today

You may not be able to control your soon to be ex-spouse or the factors that might complicate your divorce case, but you have control over your actions and who you will hire to represent your interests. When you hire divorce attorneys from our firm, we are here to support you in setting realistic goals for your life after your divorce. Find out how we can help by scheduling your divorce evaluation today. 

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