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Co-Parenting During the Holiday Season

Posted in Family Law on Saturday, December 26th, 2020

The holidays are hectic, co-parenting is often stressful, and the pandemic has left us in a heightened state of anxiety. It’s a lot, and it means that this pandemic holiday season is likely to be one for the ages when it comes to co-parenting concerns. If you’re facing a difficult co-parenting issue, a practiced Joliet family law attorney can help.

Your Court-Ordered Parenting Time Schedule Holds

When you divorced, your decree included a parenting time schedule that also addresses the holidays. Although the pandemic has changed the way we do almost everything, it has not changed your parenting time schedule. In other words, you should plan your holidays with your children accordingly. Another thing the pandemic has done, however, is forced new challenges upon us that may affect you and/or your ex’s ability to stick to your schedule, and making flexibility your goal is likely to serve everyone’s best interests, including for you and your children. 

Adopt Some New Traditions

2020 has been nothing if not tradition busting. It’s likely that you won’t be gathering with the large, bustling group you’re used to seeing for the holidays this year, but this doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate new traditions that help make you and your kids feel closer to your extended family and loved ones (whom social distancing leaves out of reach this year). Consider the following:

  • Zoom in Closer – Use Zoom, Facetime, and other video-chat platforms to get together virtually. While this can’t replace getting together, these calls can help bridge the gap. You may even find ways to help your kids feel closer to relatives that they can’t visit by creatively sharing their holiday preparations and festivities via video chat.
  • Consider Volunteering – In spite of the restrictions we face, there are still volunteering opportunities out there, including delivering meals and gifts for the less fortunate. Because the holidays are all about the spirit of giving, you may find that giving back is the best gift you and your children receive this year. 
  • Listen to Your Children – The holidays can be stressful for everyone, including your children. Really listen to your children’s concerns and preferences this season, and do what you can to help maintain the wonder of the season by addressing any hardships your children may be facing. 
  • Again, Be Flexible – Now is not the time to rigidly adhere to preconceived rules and restrictions. If your ex throws out the idea of an impromptu tour of lights on an evening that isn’t on his or her schedule, carefully consider the fun involved for your children and relax your scheduling standards a bit (if possible). Heck, you could probably really use an evening to yourself. 

An Experienced Joliet Family Law Attorney Can Help with Your Co-Parenting Concerns

The holidays and co-parenting concerns seem to go hand in hand, but the dedicated Joliet family law attorneys at Sabuco Beck, P.C. are committed to employing their considerable experience and skill to help you hammer out a legal resolution that works for you and your children. Make your holidays brighter by contacting us for more information today.

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