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Wilmington Child Custody Attorneys

Wilmington Child Custody Attorneys

In a single recent year, there were 26,132 annulments or divorces in the state of Illinois. This is a staggering number for the courts and Wilmington child custody attorneys to deal with. Divorce can be a difficult process and has the potential to have a significant impact on children. In addition, disputes regarding child custody can be extremely acrimonious, and some divorcing parents are unable to agree on even the most basic of issues in regard to how to raise their children.

Illinois operates under the best interests of the child law. When you have questions about child custody, contact us to help you understand what that means.

Illinois Best Interests of the Child Law

While it may seem impossible to determine who gets what in a divorce and child custody situation, the courts have a straightforward formula. This is the best interests of the child law, found ins section 750 ILCS5/ Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.

The court looks at the child’s life prior to the divorce and allocates the responsibilities of each parent based on the best interests of the child law. For example, one key component of this law is minimizing disruption and impact in a child’s life. 

At the same time, the court recognizes there will be disruption, as is always the case in divorce and custody matters. Minimizing that while taking into consideration the child’s wishes are key factors in determining custody.

Understanding this formula is something you can do alone, but you don’t have to. Contact our Wilmington child custody lawyers today to protect your parental rights. 

The Specifics of Illinois Child Custody Laws

Some of the factors Illinois courts consider when determining the child’s best interests:

  • The wishes of the child and their ability to make reasoned and unbiased opinions 
  • How much of a child’s life is disrupted in home, school, and community
  • How much the parents are willing to cooperate and be reasonable
  • The amount of parental participation in decision-making in a child’s life before the divorce or custody matter
  • Distances between parents and costs and difficulties to the child
  • Matters of domestic violence, drug abuse, or sex offenses
  • If restricting access to a parent is appropriate
  • The willingness level of either parent to put the child first in family law disputes
  • The ability of each parent to ensure the child’s relationship with the other parent is fostered and encouraged if the court deems that appropriate
  • The terms of any military family-care plan that must be completed, if either parent is being deployed 

These are just a few of the factors involved in child custody and parental allocation matters in Illinois. You don’t have to go through this alone.

Contact Wilmington Child Custody Lawyers Today

We can help you face these issues and understand these factors better. You have a unique situation that involves emotional duress at the family level. So does your child or children. 

Put some of these burdens on us as we fight for you to reach the best solution possible for custody and access times with your child or children. At Sabuco Beck, our reputation ensures your family stress is turned into a family solution. Start sleeping better tonight with help from the experts. Contact our Wilmington child custody lawyers online today for a review of your child custody matter.

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