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Plainfield Family Law Attorney

Plainfield Family Law Attorney

Family law not only addresses the terms of divorce but also guides term modifications after divorce, matters related to child custody and child support for parents who were never married, prenuptial agreements, paternity, and much more. If you are facing a family law concern, you shouldn’t wait to address the matter with an experienced Plainfield family law attorney. 

Divorce Terms

Divorce, the terms of divorce, and post-decree modifications are all very common to family law, and they include:

  • The division of marital property, which refers to the fair division of those assets acquired during the marriage (upon divorce)
  • Child custody arrangements, which address both parental responsibilities (legal custody) and parenting time (physical custody)
  • Child support, which helps to ensure that both parents continue to provide financial support for their shared children (according to their financial ability to do so)
  • Alimony, which is ordered when one spouse has the financial means to help, and the other is left unable to support himself or herself financially post-divorce. 

The court will address modifications of divorce terms (other than the division of marital property) when a significant shift in circumstances has occurred since the current court order was issued. 

Prenuptial Agreements

More and more couples are choosing to take a proactive approach to the terms of a potential divorce with prenuptial agreements that can address both the division of marital property and the matter of alimony in the event of a divorce (prenups are created prior to marriage and executed upon marriage). Prenuptial agreements help to ensure that both spouses understand what the financial implications of a divorce would be, but in no way encourage divorce or increase the risk of divorce. The issues of child support and child custody arrangements must be assessed in terms of the children’s best interests at the time and can, therefore, not be included in a prenuptial agreement.  


In the State of Illinois, the fatherhood of a child who is born to unmarried parents must be established in the eyes of the law. When the couple is married, paternity is presumed, but when not, it must be determined, which can be accomplished in one of the following ways:

  • Both parents agreeing on the matter of paternity and signing off on it together
  • Either parent requesting that the court establish paternity via genetic testing
  • The court requiring that paternity be established through genetic testing

Paternity can afford the child with considerable benefits that include a relationship with his or her father, the mother with financial and parenting support, and the father with the opportunity to bond with the child.    

An Experienced Plainfield Family Law Attorney Is Standing by to Help

The Plainfield family law attorneys at Sabuco Beck, PC have a wealth of impressive experience successfully guiding challenging claims like yours toward beneficial resolutions, and we’re here for you too. If you’re facing a family law concern, please don’t put off reaching out and contacting us for more information today.

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