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Joliet Child Custody Attorney

Joliet, Illinois Child Custody Attorneys Protect Your Rights As A Parent

Being able to tuck your child into bed at night, sharing a meal together, and hearing what goes on during their day at school are common parts of being a parent. Unfortunately, these bonding moments with your child can be jeopardized as the result of child custody issues. At Sabuco Beck, P.C., our Joliet child custody attorneys provide the professional legal representation you need in these situations. We have over 125 years of combined experience, and you can count on our legal team to help ensure your rights as a parent are protected.

Changes In Illinois Child Custody Laws

Recent changes in the Illinois Compiled Code have replaced the practice of awarding child custody in favor of time sharing plans. These aim at having both parents share in the joys and duties of raising children by allocating the following:

  • Parental responsibility: This includes having the child reside with each parent on a regular basis, sharing holidays, special occasions, and vacations, and having both parents actively participate in school, social, and recreation functions or activities of the child.
  • Decision making authority: This involves the legal authority each parent shares in making decisions on the child’s behalf regarding their education, religious upbringing, medical and emotional care and treatments, and matters affecting the social or development needs.

Issues impacting parenting time include each parent’s current and past level of involvement with the child, their emotional and physical health, the proximity of their residences to one another and to the child’s school, and the stated preference of the child, depending on their age and maturity.

Joliet, Illinois Parenting Plans

Illinois parenting plans outline agreements and preferences parents have in regards to parental responsibility and decision making authority. In some cases, parents are able to agree on these matters, whereas others require more lengthy negotiations.

At Sabuco Beck, P.C., our Joliet child custody attorneys work with you to structure parenting plans that work for you and your child. We will meet with the other parent and their attorney, keeping your rights and wishes at the forefront of negotiations. If a mutual plan cannot be reached, we can argue your case in court, outlining the reasons why a custody ruling should be made in your favor.

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