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Drug Charge Lawyer Near Me

Drug Charge Lawyer Near Me

Despite the non-violent nature of drug possession in general, the criminal penalties associated with possession of many drugs are quite harsh and often involve felony charges. Thus, these charges can have major repercussions on your life – even long after you finish a criminal sentence.

If you are facing any type of drug charge in Illinois, your first step should be to seek help from a drug charge lawyer near you to begin working on your defense. Never risk an overly harsh outcome – learn how our legal team at Sabuco Beck, P.C. can help.

Lasting Consequences of Drug Charges in Illinois

Convictions for drug possession can have lasting effects in Illinois. Consider the following:

  • Possession of any amount of a controlled substance can be a Class 4 felony with a possible three years in prison and fines up to $25,000.
  • Possession of higher amounts of Schedule I or II narcotics (such as heroin, cocaine, LSD, or morphine), as well as methamphetamine, PCP, or ketamine, can increase all the way to a Class 1 felony, with a possible 15 years in prison or longer, depending on the amount possessed.

Charges and possible penalties will increase if you have prior drug convictions, possessed drugs near a school, possessed drugs with the intent to sell, or are accused of drug trafficking. 

It is not infrequent for a drug charge of simple possession to be magnified to an intent to distribute charge by overzealous prosecutors when the amount possessed is of a substantial quantity. These charges are far more serious than simple drug possession and invariably amount to serious felony charges with lengthy imprisonment possible. 

In addition to imprisonment, drug convictions can:

  • Make it more difficult to find a job
  • Disqualify you from certain rental housing
  • Cause you to lose a professional license or educational acceptance or scholarships
  • Render you ineligible for federal financial aid

To avoid the court-ordered penalties and long-term consequences of a drug charge, you need a lawyer handling your defense as soon as possible. There are many ways we can defend against drug charges, often minimizing or eliminating the penalties you face. The sooner we begin building your defense, the better. 

Speak with a Drug Charge Lawyer Near You

No matter what your circumstances are, if you are facing a criminal drug charge of any kind, you need experienced and adept legal representation by your side. In Illinois, individuals with drug-related charges have found relief in turning to Sabuco Beck P.C. We have handled many cases involving criminal drug possession and other drug-related charges brought against individuals, and we always obtain the most favorable resolution possible for our clients. 

We will ensure that you are not improperly charged, nor that you will face the full weight of the potentially disastrous consequences a criminal drug charge may have on your life. If you want help from an aggressive drug charge criminal defense attorney in Illinois, do not hesitate to contact us today online for a consultation.

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