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Divorce Lawyer Wilmington

Divorce Lawyer Wilmington

Divorce is one of life’s more difficult transitions, and because the outcome of your divorce will directly affect you and your children’s future, it is generally unwise to move forward without experienced legal counsel in your corner. If you are facing a divorce, reach out to an experienced divorce lawyer in Wilmington today. 

The Divorce Basics

Your divorce will follow a path that is as unique as your family and your marriage, but there are several divorce basics that apply in nearly every situation, including:

  • Any divorce terms that you and your divorcing spouse are able to hammer out between yourselves will not need to be addressed by the court.
  • You have options when it comes to negotiating terms with your soon-to-be-ex, such as allowing your respective divorce attorneys to negotiate on behalf of each of you and/or attending a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) like mediation.
  • Any terms that remain unresolved after you have exhausted your negotiation options will need to be resolved by the court. 

The terms that apply to every divorce include:

  • The division of marital property
  • Child custody arrangements and child support (if children are involved)
  • Alimony (as applicable)

The Division of Marital Property

Those assets and property that you and your spouse acquire over the course of your marriage are considered marital property, which is to be divided equitably in the event of divorce. Equitably here means fairly in relation to your marriage as a whole. Those assets that you bring into the marriage with you are considered separate property, and as long as you keep them separate throughout your marriage, they will remain yours upon divorce. Keeping assets separate within a marriage, however, can be a tall order, and complications very often ensue. Other factors that tend to complicate the division of marital property include:

  • High assets
  • Generally complicated assets
  • Business ownership
  • Ownership of multiple properties

Child Custody Arrangements and Child Support

Child custody in Illinois is divided into both legal and physical custody, and both can be either sole or joint. Legal custody relates to who makes the major decisions involved in raising your children, and physical custody (called parenting time in Illinois) relates to how the children divide their time between the two of you. Child support is the mechanism by which the state ensures that both parents contribute financially to raising their children, and it is calculated in accordance with careful state guidelines.    


Alimony is intended to help rectify a post-divorce financial imbalance in which one spouse experiences a financial deficit and the other has the means to help. Typically, alimony is intended as a bridge that allows the recipient to seek the experience, education, and/or skills to obtain financial independence. 

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Divorce is a difficult hurdle, but the resourceful divorce lawyers at Sabuco Beck, P.C., in Wilmington, have considerable experience helping clients like you obtain favorable divorce terms, and we’re here for you, too. To learn more, please don’t wait to contact us today.

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