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Divorce Attorneys Plainfield

Divorce Attorneys Plainfield

Divorce is a serious legal matter that you are ill-advised to attempt to undertake on your own. The terms handed down in your divorce will significantly affect you and your children’s post-divorce lives, and they deserve careful consideration. If you are facing a divorce, working closely with an experienced divorce attorney in Plainfield is in your best interest. 

Your Divorce Terms

Your divorce is as unique as you are, but the basic components of your divorce include making determinations on all of the following fundamentals (as applicable):

  • Your custody arrangements
  • The division of your marital property
  • Child Support
  • Spousal maintenance (or alimony)

When You Can’t Reach an Agreement

A decision regarding each of the categories above (that applies to your divorce) must be hammered out between you and your divorcing spouse (with the guidance of your respective divorce attorneys), or the court will do so on your behalf. When the matters are as important as your child custody arrangements and the division of your marital property, the stakes are too high to leave to the discretion of the court if it is possible to avoid this eventuality. 

If you and your divorcing spouse are at a crossroads and simply cannot find middle ground, you have options other than taking the matter before the court, including:

  • Your respective divorce attorneys can negotiate on behalf of your best interests and attempt to forge mutually acceptable terms. 
  • You can attend mediation where your respective attorneys and a professional mediator who is a neutral third party will help you explore alternative solutions.
  • You can draft terms in those areas where you do agree and only take those issues that are deadlocked before the court. 

Even if you’re only able to compromise on one or two issues, they remain issues for which you maintain control. Having the court make your decisions for you is generally only advisable when your divorcing spouse simply refuses to see reason and to compromise accordingly, which certainly does happen. 

Identifying Your Priorities

It’s your divorce, and it’s important that you identify what your priorities are. While it’s important to keep all of your divorce terms balanced and fair, it’s also a good idea to strategize. If, for example, you strongly believe it is in your children’s best interests to remain in your family home with you as their primary custodial parent and to have a visitation schedule with their other parent, you should allow this important priority to guide your negotiation decisions. Fighting equally for every single detail in your divorce is not a strategy, and it’s not going to serve you well. Your dedicated divorce attorney will help you identify your priorities and, toward that end, will aggressively advocate for favorable terms.

An Experienced Divorce Attorney in Plainfield Can Help

If you’re facing divorce, the dedicated divorce attorneys at Sabuco Beck in Plainfield have extensive experience helping clients like you obtain favorable terms that protect their rights and work for them. We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information today.

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