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Divorce Attorneys Bolingbrook

Divorce Attorneys Bolingbrook

If you have tried without success to make your marriage work, it may be time to consider a divorce. The process seems daunting, and everyone has heard stories of bitter divorces. However, it does not have to be that way. With the help of the right divorce attorneys in Bolingbrook, it is possible to negotiate a divorce agreement that settles both financial and parenting issues. Our committed legal team helps people going through what seems like the most difficult time of their lives.  

Legal Issues in a Divorce

Divorce presents numerous legal issues that must be resolved before the end of the marriage is finalized. From a financial perspective, couples will need to consider the following:

  • Ownership of the family home
  • Division of retirement account and pensions
  • Splitting investment and bank accounts
  • Alimony and spousal maintenance

If children are in the picture, it presents a new set of issues that a divorcing couple will need to deal with during the process. They include:

  • Physical custody, known as parenting time in Illinois
  • Legal custody, now known as parental responsibility
  • Parenting plans
  • Child support

In the best-case scenario, the ex-spouses can agree on these issues after a negotiation. Our lawyers work to identify legal issues and help our clients with a strategy to reach an agreement. However, not all divorces can be amicable and uncontested. In that case, you need attorneys who can fight aggressively on your behalf to reach the best outcome. There are times where you will need persuasive advocates who can present your case in front of a family court judge.

While the divorce agreement and court rulings can be modified in the future, it is not always easy. This makes the decisions that you make and the results of the divorce crucial. That is why you need the advice of a professional before you make any agreement. Sometimes, it is best to speak with a clear-headed and objective attorney who has represented people before who have been in your shoes.

Helping Clients Through the Divorce Process

It goes without saying that a divorce will be one of the most traumatic and difficult things that you will experience in your entire life. Combined with the physical and emotional upheaval happening in your life, the legal issues can cause extreme stress. Leaving the details to an experienced divorce attorney can both protect your rights and allow you to focus on taking care of yourself and ensuring a degree of normalcy for the children. 

Our lawyers will help you make all efforts to settle your divorce with a minimum of contention. If an agreement proves difficult, we could represent you in an alternative dispute resolution proceeding such as mediation or arbitration. If all else fails, we will fight for you in a contested divorce. 

Contact a Bolingbrook Divorce Attorney

If you are involved in the divorce process, it is beneficial to hire an attorney early on to ensure continued progress towards the final agreement. Contact a Bolingbrook divorce attorney at the firm of Sabuco Beck, P.C to schedule your initial consultation. 

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