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Crest Hill Injury Lawyer

Crest Hill Injury Lawyer

Injuries that occur due to someone else’s negligence can be especially difficult to overcome. If someone else is responsible for an accident that caused you to be injured, you need the professional legal counsel of an experienced Crest Hill injury lawyer. Our legal team at Sabuco Beck, P.C., helps clients after many types of accidents and injuries, such as:

Illinois Personal Injury Basics

If you have a personal injury claim, it can help to understand the basics that apply to personal injury cases in Illinois, including:

  • There is generally a two-year statute of limitations that applies to file your personal injury claim (although there are exceptions to this rule). Consult with a knowledgeable Crest Hill injury lawyer as soon after your accident as possible to help ensure that you have the time you need to bring your strongest case.
  • Your personal injury claim will be based on your ability to show that someone else failed to exercise reasonable care under the specific circumstances involved in your case and that his or her failure caused you to be injured. 
  • Illinois employs a modified comparative negligence rule that allows you to be compensated in direct proportion to any percentage of fault you may share in having caused the accident (up to 50 percent). For example, if your injuries amount to $10,000 in damages and you are found to share 10 percent of the blame for the accident, you will still be allowed to recover $9,000 in damages ($10,000 minus 10 percent – or $1,000). You should always speak to a lawyer even if you believe you were partially to blame.
  • If you lose a loved one in an accident caused by the negligence of someone else, a wrongful death suit can help you recover damages related to your loved one’s medical bills, the cost of his or her funeral, the loss of his or her income and financial support, and/or the loss of companionship. 

Your Personal Injury Damages

Personal injury claims can involve many types of damages, including:

  • The medical expenses incurred and your estimated future medical costs
  • Your lost hours and wages at work, any reduction in your ability to earn, and/or an altered career trajectory
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering
  • Any property damage (such as damage to your car in a car accident)

A skilled personal injury lawyer will work to ensure that you obtain the compensation that adequately addresses the damages you’ve suffered. 

Your Personal Injury Claim Matters – Consult with an Experienced Crest Hill Injury Lawyer Today

After an injury, you might have the right to compensation for your many losses. The dedicated injury lawyers at Sabuco Beck in Crest Hill are committed to aggressively advocating for your rights and for your rightful compensation. We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information today. 

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