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When Your Child’s Problems With a Teacher Escalate to a Juvenile Offense

Posted in Criminal Defense, Juvenile Offense on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

For many parents, school can be a source of friction for their child, whether due to bullying or physical altercations their child has with other students. A new study reports that while acts of violence among school age children has actually decreased over the last several years, incidents involving students and teachers is on the rise. Threats, vandalism of property, and acts of violence against teachers have become increasingly common and is a serious juvenile offense. If your child is charged with this type of crime, you need an experienced Will County criminal defense attorneys to help avoid potentially severe penalties.

Report Claims Violence Against Teachers Increasing

Despite recent, tragic occurrences involving school shooters in different parts of the country, an April 2018 report from the Chicago Daily Herald claims that acts of student-on-student violence is actually decreasing. In Illinois and across other areas, reports concerning students between the ages of 12 and 18 who have been victimized at school have decreased from previous years by as much as ten percent.

Unfortunately, while the rates of student-on-student violence have shown improvement, there has been a surge in violent acts and intimidation by students targeting teachers. According to studies conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, roughly one out of every 10 teachers reports having been threatened by a student. Incidents involving actual acts of violence also increased, with more than one out of every 20 teachers affected.

If Your Child Faces Charges

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), while threats against teachers do not get much media attention, these incidents have increased to the point where it is being declared a national crisis. Among the ways in which teachers claim they are victimized by students include:

  • Harassment and intimidation;
  • Theft about damage to property;
  • False allegations;
  • Pushing, punching, and other physical acts;
  • Sexual harassment and assault.

If your child has been accused of any of the above actions by a teacher, they could be facing potentially severe penalties. In addition to the repercussions at school, which will likely involve meetings with school administrators and the threat of suspension or expulsion, your child could be facing criminal charges. Under Illinois Violent and Habitual Offender Provisions, children age 15 or older with a previous record of assault could face prosecution through the criminal courts, as opposed to the juvenile justice system.

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