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  • Six Ways to Help Your Child Deal With Divorce

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    Facing the breakup of their parents’ marriage is a traumatic event for a child. At the same time, difficulties may have made it impossible for you and your spouse to stay together. Children recover quickly provided they are given love and support, and the situation in your home leading up to your divorce was likely less than ideal. Having their parents live apart from each other is preferable to living amidst constant fighting and disagreements. Your child can adjust to...

  • Dividing Pension Benefits in Your Divorce Case

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    Getting your fair share of marital property and assets in your divorce is important in adjusting to life on one income. During marital property division proceedings, you need to consider any retirement and pension benefits you or your spouse may have accumulated. You may be entitled to a portion of these assets, but you need an experienced divorce attorney to guide you in claiming these assets and avoiding potential tax penalties. Retirement and Pension Benefits In Your Divorce Case Under...

  • Stepparent Adoption in Illinois

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    While every divorce chances the lives of parents and children who go through the process, not every child or parent of a child is affected in the same manner. Some parents and children maintain a close bond with one another following the finalization of a divorce while others slowly (or swiftly, in some cases) drift apart. Children who find themselves in the latter group and distanced from the nonresidential parent may instead bond with the residential parent’s new partner. This...

  • Ways to Resolve Parenting Time Disputes (Other Than Court)

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    It is no secret that family law proceedings can be expensive, and even more so when the parties involved do not see eye to eye. The more parties disagree with one another on various issues, he more matters pertinent to the case (such as parenting times, parenting roles, and property division) will need to turn to the courts to resolve these issues. Parenting time – that is, the amount of time that each party is permitted to spend in the...

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