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How an Attorney Can Assist in Achieving a Financial Recovery in Your Illinois Car Accident Case

Posted in Car Accidents, Personal Injury on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

The driver of a Jeep was reportedly traveling at a high rate speed while making a curve when it crossed the center line and collided head-on with another vehicle. The driver and passenger of the second vehicle that was hit lost their lives in this tragic wreck, according to Fox 2 News.

This is an awful incident and our deepest sympathies go out to the friends and family of the victims. Sadly, serious automobile collisions are an all-too-common occurrence in Illinois. For example, in Chicago alone, approximately 130 people died in car accidents in 2013. The Chicago Tribune discovered that approximately 782 car accidents occur each day statewide.

If you or a loved one was involved in a car wreck and suffered a serious injury, you should strongly consider contacting an experienced car accident injury attorney. Why? Because research has shown that claimants with legal representation are more likely to receive a financial recovery from their accident and they usually recover a more substantial amount of damages.

Legal Strategy and Planning

Experienced personal injury trial attorneys are more than educated paper pushers. They are advocates and strategic consultants for their clients.

For example, take the case of a traffic accident that occurs at a four-way stop sign. You see the stop sign, but because one of the other signs is obscured by trees, the other driver misses it and plows into you. You sue the driver because he ran the stop sign. But you should probably also consider suing a local government entity for negligently placing a stop sign where it would be easily obscured or for negligently maintaining the signage to allow an excess of foliage to develop.

Building Your Case By Collecting and Presenting Evidence

If you are seriously injured in an accident, you likely have enough on your plate just trying to stay afloat financially while trying to make a full recovery physically. You probably do not have the time to invest in contacting any witnesses, speaking to the police, reviewing the accident report, contacting local businesses to see if they have video surveillance footage of the accident, and so forth. An attorney is ready and able to complete these tasks to help build a compelling case for you.

Lawyers Know How to Handle Insurance Companies

In most auto accident cases, any financial recovery is obtained by filing a claim with an auto insurance company representing the reckless driver. Insurance claims adjusters are particularly good at trying to shortchange unsuspecting, unrepresented claimants by making low-ball settlement offers. An attorney representing you will help ensure you receive maximum compensation.

Illinois Car Accident Lawyers Ready to Help

If you or a loved one was seriously hurt in an auto accident, our team of Will County personal injury attorneys is here to help you through this difficult time. Contact Sabuco, Beck, Hansen & Massino, P.C. online today and request a consultation to discuss your case. With over 125 years combined experience, we can advise you on the types of compensation you may be entitled to.

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